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Oct 26, 2015
Insurance Industry Drives Patients to Sacrifice Necessary Medical Care (ACEP Member Poll)

Jul 22, 2015
Urgent Care or the ER? New ACEP Poll Says Some Patients Get It Wrong.

May 4, 2015
ER Visits Continue to Rise Since Implementation of Affordable Care Act (ACEP Member Poll)

Mar 23, 2015
The ACA May Reduce ER Visits (Slightly), but Doesn’t Affect Hospitalization (Annals of Emergency Medicine)

Nov 24, 2014
CDC - Emergency Room Visits Increase to 136 million in 2011

Aug 13, 2014
Why Seniors Don’t Eat: It’s Complicated (Annals of Emergency Medicine)

Jul 25, 2013
New Annals Study Suggests Urban Areas are Safer than Rural for Unintentional Injuries

Jun 17, 2013
When Should You Go To the ER: New Report from the CDC Says 1 in 5 Americans Visited the ER

May 20, 2013
RAND - One-in-Three People Have Visited the Emergency Room in the Past Year

May 20, 2013
RAND - Emergency Physicians Control One-Third of Healthcare Costs

Apr 1, 2013
JAMA - Discharge Diagnoses Do Not Identify "Non-Emergency" ER Visits ANR

Dec 18, 2012
Women Often Have Difficulty Recognizing Stroke Symptoms - Use F-A-S-T to Help

May 29, 2012
"Only a Hospital Could Help"

May 25, 2012
CDC/Harris Poll - 2/3 Adults Who Visit the ER Say They Needed to be There

Apr 22, 2012
ACEP ER 101 -What to Expect in the ER

Nov 17, 2011
CDC - ER Visits Increase; ER Costs Comprise Just 2% of Healthcare Dollar

Nov 24, 2010
Shortage of On-Call Specialists at Emergency Departments

Jun 17, 2010
Ambulance Transport to ERs

Mar 23, 2010
Frequent Users of the ER: Sick, Insured and White

Jan 1, 2010
CDC and JAMA Reports Released: ER Visits Increase at Twice Population Growth

Sep 23, 2009
Dangerous Myths About Emergency Medicine

Oct 20, 2008
Pop Song "Stayin' Alive" Helps CPR Compressions

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